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Addiction and Mental Health in the Legal Profession: The Path to Lawyer Wellness

"Addiction and Mental Health in the Legal Profession: The Path to Lawyer Wellness"

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Research confirms that the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse, depression, stress and anxiety among attorneys, judges and law students is twice that of the general population, but stigma, denial and concerns about confidentiality often prevent legal professionals from getting the help and support they need to recover.

This program, taught by the Director of Lawyer Assistance Programs at the New York City Bar Association and Lisa Smith, attorney and author of “Girl Walks Out Of A Bar,” will help attorneys understand the nature and progression of alcohol and drug abuse via a compelling personal account, identify the signs and symptoms of an addiction and/or mental health problems, and learn about the incredible network or recovering attorneys, judges and law students in NY and around the country who are committed to helping their colleagues achieve recovery and well being.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the connection between a mental health diagnosis and addiction

  2. Identify best practices in approaching someone you are concerned about

  3. Review the confidential services available through the Lawyer Assistance Program