Lisa appeared on Megyn Kelly TODAY to discuss addiction and secrets.


Coming in September,
Recovery Rocks podcast with Tawny Lara.

We'll talk about life in recovery, music and a lot more....  Stay tuned!


Readers will root for this extraordinary woman as she travels the path to recovery, healing, and triumph over addiction; her riveting story will inspire both those who have been there and those who have not.”

Best new books pick – 7/4/2016 Issue

"The morning before I got sober, 

my breakfast consisted of nearly a bottle of red wine and a few thick lines of cocaine. I got dressed, checked my teeth for lipstick and my nose for stray coke, put my laptop in its case and picked up the paper on the way out to work at my law firm. I felt sick, afraid and completely alone. I know now that I was wrong about the alone part."


but the law firm environment played a role. A big piece of addiction as I understand it is genetic, and it ran in my family. I was also an overachiever with a then-undiagnosed depressive disorder. Combining that with a big law life was a dangerous mix."



Girl Walks Out of a Bar is the story of my descent into and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.




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